Why Van Kralingen

Working with pleasure

Working at Van Kralingen Exclusive means working with pleasure. We place great value on involvement and togetherness. Work should be fun and enjoyment is essential! We believe that freedom, creativity, fun and a pleasant work environment contribute to your personal development and the growth of our company.

Unique challenges

Large projects

At Van Kralingen Exclusive, you get the chance to work on exciting projects. You will work as a team to build the most luxurious interiors of superyachts, by using the most advanced methods, materials and machines. No two projects are the same. Som we don’t treat them that way. This makes for an inspiring and challenging working environment.

More than work

Good employer

Even though work is a big part of our time, there is more to life than work. A good balance between effort and relaxation is important to us. In addition to a great job and great colleagues, we want to offer more. That is why we regularly organise fun get-togethers, outings and events to take your mind off work.

Never stop learning

Personal development

We encourage you to get the best out of yourself. We offer an ample opportunity for growth and self-development, both in the specialist and personal field. So that you remain curious, learn new things, take decisions yourself and develop your own inventiveness. This offers you excellent career perspectives.

Work-based learning

Future professionals

We are an accredited work placement company. Van Kralingen Exclusive not only provides challenging work in a varied environment, but also support for personal growth and development. For us, a good learning climate means that you are able, allowed, willing and daring to learn.

Vitality in the workplace

Healthy and safe working

We want to be a company where our employees can work safely, healthily and vitally. Therefore, we offer fresh fruit, bootcamp and team reflection meetings for mental health. You can also use our in-house gym for free. That's how we keep you healthy and vital at work. That is working at Van Kralingen Exclusive.

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