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Van Kralingen Exclusive was founded in 2006 and has built a name for itself over the years with its specialised woodwork, specialising in exclusive interiors and refit projects. Thanks to the high level of expertise and quality that Van Kralingen Exclusive has to offer, we have become one of the leading interior and exterior builders in the luxury yacht building sector.

Over the years Van Kralingen Exclusive has worked on some of the most exclusive yacht interior projects, always delivering the highest quality and respecting all contractual budgets. From fully customised interiors to standardised crew cabins and luxury design components, each project is handled with precision and dedication.

We work with the largest shipyards in the world, using the most advanced methods, materials and machines. Whether you want a new luxury yacht interior or to renovate your existing yacht, Van Kralingen Exclusive is the ultimate solution for all your production and installation needs. We offer full-service yacht interior production and a large team of professionals ready to meet all your requirements.


Our team of skilled craftsmen delivers results that are truly unique. Attention to detail is fundamental in our projects. Whether it is a superyacht, tender or refit, we apply the same creative approach and meticulous attention to detail to every project we undertake.

Constant innovation and adaptation to the sophisticated and ever-evolving demands of the marketplace have been the secret of our success. Our innovative systems allow us to offer more efficiency and functionality than our competitors.

With over 50 experienced craftsmen and artisans specially trained in all methods of interior production and finishing, supported by a high-tech engineering department and a dedicated management team, Van Kralingen Exclusive turns the most creative interior projects into reality.

Refit & Renovation

Every yacht needs a refit and refurbishment from time to time. Let us bring out the hidden potential of your yacht. Whether your yacht is a luxury motor yacht, superyacht or gigayacht, we have the expertise and technology to give her a second life.

Our refit specialists will advise you and explore the virtually unlimited possibilities of restoring your yacht to its original splendour or extending and improving its performance, features and appearance.

Whatever work you wish to carry out, you can rely on Van Kralingen Exclusive for full support and efficient execution in the best tradition of Dutch engineering and shipbuilding.

When it comes to interior, safety and technique on board, the requirements change over the years. Van Kralingen Exclusive performs refit projects to make your yacht meet all your requirements and the standards of our time. We are very experienced in carrying out custom refit designs for modifications and additions with a can-do attitude and expert craftsmanship.

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